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DSA Raises Almost $17,000 for Coal Miners
Updated On: Mar 02, 2022
Coal miners in Brookwood, Alabama have been on strike since April 1, 2021. In February, the International UMWA President Cecil Roberts and striking Alabama miner Braxton Wright were invited to speak in a US Senate Budget Committee Hearing on the role of private equity in robbing workers and consumers. 

Republican Senator from Alabama Tommy Tuberville said during this hearing that the government ought not be weighing in on private matters before he proceeded to weigh in on behalf of the company, reading what you can only assume is something straight from a Warrior Met Press release about the average wages of the miners without telling how much they had to work to get that average salary. In effect, he told Alabama coal miners that they ought to sit down, shut up, and take what New York hedge funders give them. 

Southern socialists took a different route: raising nearly $17,000 for their strike fund at the same time. 

Listen to the full discussion:

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