State Rep Defends Anti-Speech Bill
Updated On: Mar 02, 2022
Our main show this week was completely dominated by discussions of the anti-protest bill that passed the Alabama State House the week before. 

Adam gave us some historical context for "riots" and the government's fight against them in the state. After that, and some technical difficulties, we spoke to Representative Treadaway who is the original sponsor of this legislation about why he is pushing this legislation. 

Representative Allen Treadaway, a former police officer, does not believe it is hypocritical for him to be pushing for less restrictions on carrying firearms and increasing restrictions on speech and assembly. In fact, he denies the clear readings of his bill:

  • that working people could be arrested and convicted under this bill without ever having to damage property or hurt a person. 
  • that working people could be arrested for funding a riot for donating to bail funds
  • that protestors could be sentenced to 6 months in prison for spitting on a police officer

Listen to the full conversation here:

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